DST (4-24 Digital Station)

The DST is all-in-one resources with modular structure for logging and monitoring behind PBXs and fits into a variety of PBXs extension tapping environments, including connection between the PBX and the proprietary handsets providing passive monitoring of the voice conversation and D-channel (call control). A variety of telephony actions, such as call taken and key pressed are automatically decoded and sent to recording applications for a powerful set of functions and high integration with PBXs. This makes DST a reliable and cost-efficient single-slot solution for call logging applications developers.

Key Features
  • Multiple PBX support
    A single board interfaces with a majority of PBXs on single hardware platform. With much field expertise, Synway can configure for your PBXs. Structured with motherboard and functional module architectures, a single DST board can be configured freely from 4 to 24 ports based upon special application needs.
  • Wide Spectrum of Trigger Events
    DST initiates and terminates recordings based on voice activity, raw D-channel, DTMF, programmable tone analyzers, and Call Progress Monitoring (CPM) events.
  • Voice Processing Capability
    A large selection of voice CODECS for developers, including G.729A, G.711 A-law, μ-law, Linear PCM,IMA-ADPCM, MP3, and support VOX format. Support Direct Windows WAV Format Data is saved in WINDOWS WAV format directly, and can be played out by sound card with no format conversion.


AUdio Encoding & Decoding
  • 16Bit PCM 128kbps
  • 8Bit PCM 64kbps
  • A-Law 64kbps
  • μ-Law 64kbps
  • VOX 32kbps
  • ADPCM 32kbps
  • GSM 13.6kbps
  • MP3 8kbps
  • G.729A