astr_brd PIKA Digital T1/E1 PCI (DSP) high performance boards feature market leading port densities. These digital boards combine up to four highly flexible T1/E1 digital network interfaces with integrated DSP resources. A wide-range of feature-rich services makes these boards the reliable choice for the most demanding voice and fax applications. 

Audio tapping is available on PIKA Digital T1/E1 PCI Boards. This feature enables passive tapping on T1 or E1 line interfaces using ISDN (CCS) or RBS/MFR2 (CAS) protocols. The digital logging variant is available in single and dual span configurations with half- or full-duplex recording. Recording features include voice activity detection (VAD), time stamping and audio compression. 

Our digital T1/E1 series of boards enable voice and fax services by way of connectivity to TDM and IP networks. Digital board densities are available in single, dual and quad span versions. 4 ports fax included at no additional cost.

PIKA Digital Boards, DSP based media processing applications, and the MonteCarlo SDK represent a complete and scalable set of reliable building blocks for the development of feature-rich communications solutions.

Key Features
  • Connects to TDM and IP networks
  • Single, dual and quad span T1/E1 connectivity to deliver superior densities
  • Audio logging variant - single and dual span with half- or full-duplex recording to enable passive tapping on T1 or E1 line interfaces; features VAD, time stamping and audio compression
  • Integrated support of PIKA Technologies' DSP based architecture to dynamically access DSP resources
  • Integrated support of the low-level PIKA API delivers maximum design control and application performance

Key Benefits
  • Windows or Linux development environments
  • Shared DSP host processing architecture enables you to benefit from market improvements in PCI and processor architectures
  • One board support for 120 channels (to a maximum of 720) of voice processing or conferencing parties
  • Support for current and future applications such as speech/voice recognition, fax, audio logging, and mor

Technical Specifications

Functionality Specifications
T1/E1 Spans 1, 2, 3 or 4
Switching PIKA DSP based media processing provides real time audio
switching between TDM or IP interfaces
Data Bus Type PCI (universal signaling)
Media processing Media processing is performed using DSP based software resources
Supported OS Windows 2000/XP/2003 / Red Hat 7.3/Enterprise 4 SuSE 9.3 distributions of Linux
Host Interface  
PCI Interface PCI 32 bit target/initiator V2.2 compliant   33 MHz bus speed 
H.100 compatible telephony bus
Network Interface rear panel RJ48, Impedance matched for T1/E1 connections; high impedance interface for audio recording variant / CSU/DSU mode software selectable /
DSX-1 or DS-1 interface