Analog Station/FXS
PCIe Boards (HMP)

astr_brdPIKA Analog Station FXS Boards provide up to 12 analog station ports on the baseboard and an additional 8 ports on the expansion module. Highly flexible, they are software-configurable for use in multiple countries.

This 9.5 inch board features the PCI Express format, and will easily integrate into a PC chassis. Media processing is performed using PIKA’s Host Media Processing (HMP) software resources.

These boards are ideal for traditional telephony applications as well as for logging, fax and VOIP applications. The boards enable voice and fax services by way of connectivity to TDM and IP networks. 4 ports fax included at no additional cost (per system).

PIKA Analog Station FXS Boards, PIKA MonteCarlo SDK with HMP processing represent a complete and scalable set of reliable building blocks for the development of feature-rich communications solutions.

Key Features
  • Single slot PCI-E card
  • Only 9.5 inches long
  • Capable of providing combinations of loop start and passive/high impedance logging of analog line circuits
  • Available in densities ranging from 1-12 analog phone line circuits on the baseboard (software license enabled) and an additional 8 ports on the expansion module
  • Superior host-based echo cancellation and RTP packetization available (suitable for analog to IP gateway applications)
  • Advanced host based media processing capabilities includes voice, tone and conferencing
  • Low latency host based switching between PIKA’s HMP Boards
  • 25% of the fax ports are enabled for free
  • Windows and Linux development environments via PIKA’s low and high level APIs
  • Compatible with other popular technologies such as Skype and Asterisk
  • No external power supply needed for Ring Voltage

Technical Specifications

Host Interface  

PCIe Bus Interface 

Based on PCIe revision 1.0a specifications 

PCIe Bus Speed 

2.5 GHz, single lane link 

Memory Address Allocation 

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle 

Interrupts Allocation 

Automatically assigned by Plug and Play cycle